We hold our Rising Stars Galas in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter every year and are intended to be friendly introduction galas aimed at swimmers who may have never competed before, or are competing in local/club competitions but have not yet got through the journey to making finals or winning events. There are entry restrictions placed on Rising Stars Galas which aim to give the less experienced swimmers a better chance of winning medals, and encouraging them along their journey until they are ready for bigger galas and open meets.

Why do we do this as an elite club who are usually only interested in Open Meets and ranked times?

Well we just want to do our part as a club to ensure friendly local galas don’t cease to exist, which would mean a massive jump from club galas to open meets for the younger swimmers. When they’re just getting to grips with competitions, that could be enough to scare them off completely which none of us want!

If you are a club local to the Bradford region and would be interested in sending some of your swimmers to our galas, please contact our Chairman, Andy Buxton to check availability. We don't want any club to feel under pressure to attend every gala, we know it's almost impossible to pick dates which fit in with all clubs competition calendars! If a particular date works for your club and you have enough interest to make it worth your while attending, just let our chairman know and we'll happily try and accommodate you into our galas.

Our current future planned galas are as follows


Rising Stars Winter Gala - Saturday 27th January 2024, Aireborough Pool, 5pm onwards

Rising Stars Spring Gala - Saturday 27th April 2024, Aireborough Pool, 5pm onwards

Rising Stars Summer Gala - Saturday 27th July 2024, Aireborough Pool, 5pm onwards

Rising Stars Autumn Gala - Saturday 26th October 2024, Aireborough Pool, 5pm onwards